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hollywood [massacre]


4 April 1986
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Sometimes I want to run away ...
just to see who will run after me.

i am so way past broken that its not funny anymore. my name is Jenna. i am 20. nothing really special about that. i work a lot. i hardly have time to go out. sucks... but it keeps me busy and my mind off of life for right now. guess thats a good thing. then again... i think its going to come back and kick my ass soon. -_- lol. fuck that. oh well. for the most part.. i am a happy person. i just tend to let lifes situations get to me. and make me sad. but fuck it. ♥ such is life right? nothing is suppose to go right. its only suppose to be tolerable i suppose. well... thats how i see it. see it as you will. just dont try and make me think other wise. talk to me n what not. i am always down to meet cool new people. just dont piss me off. i have NO problem writin ANYONE off. ♥

Definition: a fear of love, falling in love

i am afraid to death of love. i wish i wasnt... i wish i didnt always have up this guard... that wont let anyone in. i hate how i can love someone so much that it hurts me to not trust them at all. i swear i want it to not be like this... but its how i am. you have to work for my trust. i dont give it away freely like i use to. i hate my smile.

i smoke too much.

i love tattoos. piercings. art. booze. menthol cigs (only). sad songs. all kinds of music (cept UGLY kinds) pancakes. my slvr phone. glamor. fashion. make up. M·A·C. fancy accessories. 'bags' (i hate the word 'purse', its gay &i have millions). books. leopard print. pez dispensers. flowers. gettin my nails 'did'. and so on.

i HATE. liers. heartbreaks. DRAMA[die]. people who take advantage of good people (like me). i hate how the world revolves around $$$. and so on... -_-

123insert! Spread it like herpes.